Satellite Capacity

SpaceCom satellite capacity offers comprehensive C-Band, Ku-Band and Ka-Band coverage in the worlds most demanding locations. Our Inventory is constantly expanding to serve new emerging market requirements and coverage to support many different Industry Solutions. Spacecom offers highly competitive rates for its satellite capacity with the most appropriate coverage due to our long standing relationship with all major satellite operators.

Satellite Capacity: C-BAND

C band is a name given to certain portions of the electromagnetic spectrum used for communications. It was the first frequency band allocated for commercial ground-to-satellite communication. A typical C band satellite uses 3.7–4.2 GHz for downlink, and 5.925–6.425 GHz for uplink. For satellite communications, the lower frequencies used by C Band perform better under adverse weather conditions.

Satellite Capacity: KA-BAND

The Ka band is part of the K band of the microwave band of the electromagnetic spectrum. This symbol refers to "K-above" — in other words, the band directly above the K-band. The Ka band uplink uses frequencies between 27.5GHz and 31Ghz and the downlink uses frequencies between 18.3 and 18.8Ghz and between 19.7 and 20.2Ghz. Ka band satellites usually transmit using more power than C band satellites, although C band dishes are bigger than Ka band satellites. Ka band dishes range from 2 feet to 5 feet in diameter.

SpaceCom is in the final planning stages for the deployment of KA Band product offerings, expected to be deployed in early 2011. The first regions to be served by KA Band capacity are:

  • Middle East
  • Asia

Satellite Capacity: KU-BAND

Ku band is a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum in the microwave range of frequencies ranging from 11.7 to 12.7GHz. (downlink frequencies) and 14 to 14.5GHz (uplink frequencies). Symbol Ku, refers to "K-under" , which means the band directly below the K-band. The benefit of Ku band offers use of smaller earth station due to Ku band system’s freedom from terrestrial operations.

SpaceCom maintains premium KU-Band satellite capacity to serve mobile broadband applications, Oil and Gas, Maritime, GSM Cellular Backhaul and many other types of public and private network solutions. Our select capacity can be used to build or expand networks solutions in the following regions:

  • The America’s
  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • Asia

Our bandwidth is available for regional or international connectivity, fixed or mobile, public or private networks. Please Contact us to find the most suitable capacity option for your requirements.