Broadband Internet Access

SpaceCom is proud to offer fully integrated end to end solutions for many mobile broadband applications. We take the time to understand single site requirements, multi-site requirements and the financial motivators that support each requirement. We will take the time to review with you, several methods of delivering Mobile Broadband access anywhere in the world. Our solutions help support on-shore and off- shore Oil and Gas exploration, Maritime market, and Mining, Military, First Responders, Law Enforcement, ISP’s, Banking and Universities around the world. Spacecom will work with you on:

  • Product analysis and selection
  • Site Surveys
  • Equipment procurement
  • Equipment logistics
  • Civil engineering on site
  • Systems Integration
  • Testing and certification
  • Service activation
  • Network management/monitoring
  • Remote site technical support
  • Local training

SpaceCom can provide the satellite capacity, teleport service, and internet connectivity to support most IP protocols. Weather you need quick phones, internet, email , Video or a VPN to a private network, we can surely support your needs.