GSM & Cellular backhaul

SpaceCom, a leading provider of GSM backhaul over satellite delivers cost effective solutions into rural markets. Global system for mobile communication (GSM) is an internationally accepted standard for digital cellular communication. Cellular is one of the fastest growing and most demanding telecommunications applications. Today, it represents a continuously increasing percentage of all new telephone subscriptions around the world. Our solutions are proven to support BTS- BSC, MSC-BSC in the most geographically challenged areas of the world. Please contact us to find out how we can help you with the deployment of your GSM cellular requirements.

  • HLR/VLR Provisioning
  • GSM Calling
  • GPRS for Data Services
  • Network Management
  • Uplink Power Control for Unmanned locations
  • TDM to IP conversion
  • GSM Clocking
  • Rob KILROY
    Mobile backhaul over satellite is helping operators extend infrastructure and service into communities that have never been connected to the global telecommunications network. SpaceCom is playing a critical role in this advancement and at the same time helping mobile operators find a profitable new market for their services.
    Rob KILROY
    Vice President Americas, iDirect
    In rural markets, it’s impossible to predict how traffic will vary from site to site. iDirect provides us with the flexibility to pool bandwidth and share it exactly when and where it’s needed so that we can help our customers lower their operating costs.
    Chief Executive Officer, SpaceCom International