Operation & Maintenance

SpaceCom Operations currently utilizes the most state of the art network monitoring and management tools available for fault detection, notification and isolation. Our staff maintains ongoing training and certifications of the latest satellite equipment and emerging technologies. We offer our clients complete end to end support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our Centralized NOC (Network Operations Center) is the main focal point of our operations. We also have technicians at each of our teleport locations for immediate on-site support. Our staff is trained to field calls, create trouble tickets and resolve network anomalies. We are trained or certified to install, operate and maintain iDirect, Comtech, Paradise, Cisco, Newtec, SeaTel and many other Satellite RF and network base band components.

We offer our clients custom monitoring and maintenance solutions at any manned or unmanned location throughout the world. We have the ability to monitor computers, servers, generators, power, network connectivity, bandwidth usage, state change events, and many other sources of vital information.

All of these elements combined mean the highest reliability and uptime to your network and your customers.