System Integrator

Because your requirement is unique to your business, you will benefit from a single source provider for end-to-end service. Systems integration is one of the most important features we offer. Even with the best network design, the best satellite, ground segment and equipment available, your solution is useless if once deployed to the simply doesn’t work. Through many years of practice and experience we are able to see true end-to-end delivery with the addition of our Systems Integration unit.

Our highly skilled integrators work very closely with Engineers and Operations early in the planning process. This helps ensure that each design takes into consideration local environments, proper power, equipment interface, cables, connectors, software updates, spare equipment, test equipment and tools. How many times have you purchased a service only to have it delayed because the wrong cable was shipped. Now your business has missed deployment timelines, revenue generation or most importantly the confidence of your end user.

Please contact SpaceCom for a consultation of your next project and allow us the opportunity to deliver fully integrated solutions to your doorstep.